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CA Tennis

CA Tennis is an independent tennis academy where we, through a collaboration with Djusholm’s Tennis club have access to Norrängsgården located within Djursholm.

As of now we are offering Bollekis to our youngest players to create an interest in the sport of tennis.

Our ambition is to see our students develop their tennis skills by the help of our passionate coaches. Within our academy we attain high standard teaching by creating a balanced learning environment by having fun and focusing.
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Bollekis, is for our very youngest. We familiarise ourselves with the sport and develop our own motor skills by working with the tennis racket and playing with softer tennis balls. Together we make sure to have fun whilst also developing an interest for the sport. We recommend Bollekis to all children between the ages of 4-6. We recommend Bollekis to all children between the ages of 4-6. Lessons are 40 min, welcome!


Mini tennis

Mini Tennis are for the children between the ages of 6-8, where we play on smaller tennis court with lower nets and softer balls. The smaller courts create more opportunities for actual play time and in return becomes more fun for the students.



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